About Us

I never thought I would be an advocate for pilates.  I grew up without any care or enjoyment for exercise.  In my 20’s I started caring about my appearance and to get a little leaner I started playing footballer and running.  This pastime slowly turned into a love for exercise all round.  By the time I reached 30, I played sport of exercised almost every day.  But, I never had any formal understanding or education about how to exercise most efficiently and effectively vs pushing you’re to the limit.  My fitness regime was entrenched with ‘no pain, no gain’, ‘just one more rep’, or pushing yourself to sickness and injury.

Unsurprisingly, after years of ‘bad’ exercise which was slowly damaged myself, I eventually suffered a debilitating back injury, which left me unable to walk without pain and exercise was only a dream.

After visiting dozens of doctors with recommendations of surgery, I found a physio teaching pilates which changed my view and gave me a positive outlook that I could become pain free again.  After the first pilates session and for the first time in months I left without feel agonizing back pain.  As my practice, knowledge and experience of pilates increased the pain decreased … I was able to walk, run and move like I hadn’t in years and even lift my baby without wincing in pain.

With such life-changing results, I became addicted to pilates, moving from completely unawareness, to a novice practitioner to eventually becoming STOTT qualified teaching pilates to share my experience and passion.  My goal was to ensure as many people are aware of the damage that you can do to your body by not understanding it correctly and how to prevent and strengthen your body in a safe effective way through pilates.

This website is an extension of this experience.

In my work life, I travel considerably, spending hours on flights, hotel beds and meeting rooms.  So, whenever I’m away from home, I like nothing more than destressing, stretching out and using my body at a local studio.  If available pilates is always my first choice.  This website highlighted some of the fantastic pilates studios available around the world.  Please note that I have updated the reviews and costs on my experience, but to gather the latest information, please contact the studios directly.

Keep focused.  Keep exercising.  Keep motivated.

Any comments or suggestions please let me know.