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Core Fit Centre – Cape Town

The Core Fit Centre is a dynamic and vibrant space, which focuses on bringing together the beauty and variation of movement, body awareness and core strength. Core Fit offers contemporary pilates (STOTT, BASI), which instructors combine with their own style and focus depending on the exact nature of the class.

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Core Fit Centre, Regent Road, Cape Town, South Africa


Finding the studio the first time around was a challenge. To save the hassle, it’s on the 6th floor of The Regent, with the entrance at 19 Regents St (not Clarens Road, as Google Maps suggests). The class schedule is relatively light, with one or two sessions in the morning (before 9am) and the same in the evening (post 6pm), with private sessions available through the day.

The entrance was a clean and clutter free space with drinks and equipment available, as well as a photo / updates board, giving the studio a community feel. All of the staff were very approachable and knowledgeably in helping find the right class. They have a number of studio rooms offering a variety of pilates and pilates based workouts, with one reformer room with only 4 machines. The relatively small number of reformers created a small and personal feel enabling you to focus on your form.

One of the classes I trialed the instructor warned us that we may have to pause the workout if a pod of dolphins swam past, which unfortunately on the occasion I was there they didn’t. They also had a massage service available for sports massage, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to experience.

The most memorable aspects of the studio is the simply stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Table Mountain on the other.

The studio is based on Regents St, Sea Point which contains numerous trends coffee shops and healthy eateries for a post-workout bite to eat.

If you’re ever in Cape Town, I would recommend booking in a session or two.

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