Pilates is for… men, women, old, young, fit and injured!

When I first heard of pilates my initial reaction that this was a pastime for ballerinas or pregnant women with too much time and money!

How wrong could I be!?

This perception was as far from my own demographic and lifestyle and life stage as it could be.  But, after a serious back injury and a year of walking in pain I was overweight, depressed and willing to try anything.  I was shocked in my first class as I left feeling not only like I’d had a really good workout, but I’d forgotten about my back pain.

At first I would keep the fact that I was practicing pilates a secret, as I felt embarrassed.  But, as my strength grew, the pain lessened and the variety of drugs I was taking for my back pain disappeared altogether.  Now, I’m the biggest advocate, actively encourage others to test and trial themselves and never afraid to practice with anyone, especially a group that aren’t my own demographic.

I’ve learnt that anyone can benefit from pilates … men, women, old, yound, fit and injured.  Prior to this I thought exercise had to comprise of throwing heavy weights around a gym, run until you bleed, or throw-up at the end of a circuit session.  Pilates will give you a new perspective on exercise challenging muscles that you’ve long since forgotten existed, strengthening your entire body, creating long-lean muscles with only your own body weight and most impressive unlike many forms of exercise will prevent injury.

This blog and studio review site is here to challenge these perceptions and illustrate that everyone can benefit from such an exercise.  You don’t need any equipment or even a expensive studio, just the right mindset and willingness to learn whoever you are.

More to come to illustrate the benefits, help you try for yourself and find an amazing studio with amazing instructors.

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